What a year – disruption and change

What a year – disruption and change
24th July 2017 Steph

Just over a year ago I jumped out of a plane https://anewviewconsultancy.com/skydiving-belief-ability/. I was, quite literally, flying high and feeling fantastic.  Then on 26 September 2017, after a week of having quite a few thunderclap headaches, I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (or bleeding on the surface of my brain) and ended up in hospital. The two events are unrelated but the sudden change of states is interesting. 

In April, I told the joint Healthwatch Newcastle and Healthwatch Gateshead conference about how, whilst I had fantastic clinical care, nobody cared about what was going on in my personal and work life and how I was coping with the shock of what happened to me. I coped and continue to cope with all that myself. And I’m one of the lucky ones. I have the skills and support to be able to cope; I’m resilient and tough. Not everyone is so lucky.

I was very lucky.  I don’t appear to have any lasting damage or impairment, the bleed was small and I now take medication to control the cause. However, the whole experience has made me look anew at the world we live and work in. Perhaps, I’ll tell you the whole story one day.

Needless to say, my blogging came to a halt and I now sit, on the first day of the school holidays, resolved to blog again.

What a year it’s been! Trump elected, Article 50 triggered, the horror of terror attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire, another General Election held and a hung parliament.

Locally, a health leader, who has been around for ever, has left the scene – whether for good or not no one seems to know at the moment.  Sustainability and Transformation plans (STP) have been published, engaged on and then disappeared from public view, whilst many concerned questions about how the system can rise to the challenge are being asked in meeting rooms. Rumour and conspiracy theories abound in the North East as STPs come together but don’t merge, powers are delegated to collective groupings but organisations remain and generally the picture has become very confusing.

I sense a general anxiety in the air. Everyone knows that the money is getting tighter; the councils will soon be reliant on business rates and council tax – not good news in the North East where both bring in small sums. We’ve had great managers in the North East for a long time but now is the time for them to show true leadership and flexibility. They have to shift from the mode of achieving the targets and balancing the books to transforming the system, supporting the staff to do radically different things and partnering with the general public to get the right solutions and change behaviours https://anewviewconsultancy.com/the-stories-we-tell-ourselves/.

Will they be able to do this? If not will the ‘establishment’ be willing to take a risk on people who may be able to?

One of the problems is that the people who can do the change that’s required are often the ones that those who currently hold power find challenging.  Therefore, they haven’t been tested and therefore, they are a risk. However, with a challenge of this size surely now must be the time to take a risk.

As I said, it’s the first day of the summer holidays.  I’m not expecting any health and social care earthquakes over the next six weeks but then, a lot of things have happened this year that I didn’t expect.  Perhaps, as my haemorrhage anniversary comes around the mists will start to clear and we’ll know where things are heading. Perhaps.


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