Why Us?

Have you used management consultants before, but ended up left with a big bill, pretty report and not much else?

At A New View we’ve worked within the public sector and alongside management consultants who’ve taken that approach; when each piece of work identifies another gap that the consultant would be willing to fill, or when you think that what you’ve had is useful, but you’re not sure what to do next or how you’re going to use it.

We understand how frustrating that is and take a different approach. When working with you we’re as flexible as possible, working as part of your team, to ensure that you get the outcomes you need.

We don’t believe in keeping our knowledge to ourselves so that you are dependent on us; when working with you, we’ll pass on our skills so that you get lasting value from our relationship.

Whether you need assistance filling a capacity gap for a period of time, a fresh pair of eyes on a challenging issue, ongoing ‘call-off’ type support across a number of areas or intensive skills and knowledge development support, A New View can help.

Our ideal outcome? At the end of a contract you want to continue working with us – even though the project is complete.

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