My logo is based on a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol called Nkonsonkonson and is part of my cultural heritage.  The symbol represents a chain, and shows strength in unity and interdependence on one another.

I believe that individuals within any community (work or social) are responsible to each other and recognising this binds communities together. The symbol portrays values of unity, responsibility, and interdependence.

My background working within and alongside the NHS, has taught me that  individual organisational systems don’t operate in a bubble.  Small changes in departments and organisations can have significant impacts across the entire health and social care economy. My wide range of organisational and situational experience puts me in a unique position to anticipate how other systems will be affected – helping to avoid the law of unintended consequences.

Organisations and systems are made up of individuals. I know that if the individuals aren’t committed to what they do, aren’t excited by their mission and if it isn’t aligned to their values, then they won’t function at their best. I use coaching and leadership development to help people to get this alignment in their lives and live exciting, enriching and fulfilling lives.

You know that moment when everything comes together and you suddenly realise that there might be a great way to deal with the issue at hand? It’s called synergy and that’s something I’m used to; the bringing together of lots of ideas and thoughts to create something that is greater than the sum of all the individual parts. It’s how I make things happen and develop creative but practical answers to the challenges your organisation faces.


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