Industries allied to health

The NHS is a large and complex system and is slow to accept new things. Getting your new products or services introduced can be difficult even from within the NHS, but it’s even more difficult if you’re not part of the system, made more complex by the fact that the NHS is constantly changing.

A New View will work with your company to:

Help you understand, navigate and prioritise the various organisations within the NHS

Identify the key current issues (drivers) within the NHS that are motivating decision making and action

Develop a credible case for change (business case) for your product or service

Much of this work is done in association with Blue River Consulting who have been providing expert advice and training to all those working in health services for many years.  Blue River Consulting has developed a unique range of products to help companies.

We also offer face to face or web-based coaching for key members of your team, to continue to develop their skills and knowledge and help them work through issues and challenges that working with the NHS might bring, in order to increase their overall effectiveness.

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