• STP deadline – less than a month to go

    Sustainability and transformation plans (STP) are due to be submitted to NHS England at the end of this month. This…

  • NHS Finances – what’s going on?

    We’re still waiting for the final position on the NHS finances for 2015/16 but it’s not looking good.  Every other…

  • How was your winter? – a winter planning checklist

    The weather in the North East has been glorious recently and it’s led me to think that summer may be…

  • Talking to our supply chain

    Talking to our supply chain

    I wake up early and often listen to Farming Today on Radio 4. Yesterday there was a discussion about a…

  • Get your levers pulling in the right direction

    If you’ve ever tried to set up a domino rally then you will know that getting all of your dominoes…

  • The integration challenge

    Working on the integration challenge – integrating health and social care services – is  fascinating…and challenging. This is not just…

  • Taking stock – how to energise and motivate

    It’s a new financial year and over the coming weeks we’ll be looking ahead to what the new year will…

  • Some lessons on procurement

    The Health Service Journal leader on 11 March, and a major article in the 16 March issue, was all about…

  • Time to think whole patient journey costs

    I’m rarely in a meeting at the moment that doesn’t mention the impending sustainability and transformation plans (STP). Even local…


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