• What a year – disruption and change

    Just over a year ago I jumped out of a plane I was, quite literally, flying high and feeling…

  • I am involved in my care – really?

    Imagine a world where the supermarket involved you in your grocery shopping; where the travel agent involved you in your…

  • Skydiving – belief in your ability?

    Five days ago I jumped out of a plane – from 15,000 feet and fell for 10,000 feet before the…

  • We don’t do birthdays?

    During a discussion about organisational culture recently a question was asked – how do you celebrate when it’s someone’s birthday?…

  • Leaders need followers

    Well! The talk for the last week or so has been all about leaders. Leaders for the Conservative and Labour…

  • If you haven’t asked, how do you know?

    Later today, I have a Healthwatch listening event. This is a creation of Healthwatch Newcastle’s where we bring together members…

  • Deciding Together engagement and consultation – some lessons

    Yesterday, NHS Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group met to make what is probably the biggest commissioning decision they’ve had so…


    Role models – keep it real

    More and more frequently I’m reminded about the dangers of putting people on pedestals. It’s not healthy and, as I’ve…

  • EU referendum – open, honest discussions

    In a little over a week we will be voting in the biggest collective decision of our generation – the…

  • The Blaydon Races – a lesson in urgent care

    I went to Blaydon Races, ‘twas on the ninth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty two on a summer’s afternoon.…

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