• A World Mental Health Day message

    World Mental Health Day It’s World Mental Health Day today – a chance for people to talk about mental health…

  • Time management – the switching off dilemma

    I’m currently on holiday in Ghana and being here is making me think about time management. Not because nothing ever…

  • Controlling Imposter Syndrome

    If you have heard me talk, then you will know that I talk about controlling Imposter Syndrome not eradicating it.…

  • The Imposter Syndrome – Why I do what I do

    Those of you that follow my blogs or social media, know that I have been banging on about The Imposter…

  • Time management and the exhaustion funnel

    Time management came up in a strange sort of way during the Health Matters show I co-host for Spice FM…

  • Imposter syndrome picture of a dark utilitarian corridor with a door at the end

    Imposter syndrome – how uncertainty can stop you in your tracks

    One thing that I’m sure of is that, along with many other things, uncertainty feeds Imposter Syndrome – that feeling…

  • A mindet picture of a woman overlooking a lake at sunrise

    Mindset: The stories we tell ourselves – a 2018 reboot

    This is another full week for me and so I’ve opted to review and refresh a blog about mindset I…

  • Count your blessings

    Yesterday didn’t go according to plan for me. Nothing terrible happened but the day was full of little incidences of…

  • Feeling the fear

    Have you ever felt fear? You may have been in fear for your life, I hope not, but I bet…

  • SHINE: How to take back control

    On Sunday I did my first proper Facebook live for my business.  I’ve been meaning to do one for a…


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