• Imposter syndrome picture of a dark utilitarian corridor with a door at the end

    Imposter syndrome – how uncertainty can stop you in your tracks

    There are lots of things that will feed our Imposter Syndrome – that feeling that you’re a fraud, blagging it,…

  • A mindet picture of a woman overlooking a lake at sunrise

    Mindset: The stories we tell ourselves – a 2018 reboot

    This is another full week for me and so I’ve opted to review and refresh a blog about mindset I…

  • Count your blessings

    Yesterday didn’t go according to plan for me. Nothing terrible happened but the day was full of little incidences of…

  • Feeling the fear

    Have you ever felt fear? You may have been in fear for your life, I hope not, but I bet…

  • SHINE: How to take back control

    On Sunday I did my first proper Facebook live for my business.  I’ve been meaning to do one for a…

  • It’s time to take action

    Have you ever had a really good idea? Did you make that idea reality? If not, why not? I spend…

  • You might not choose events, but you can choose their effect

    Amongst other things I’m a Guide leader with Girlguiding UK. It’s something I’ve done on a voluntary basis since I…

  • Let it go – a 2018 reboot

    This week I’ve decided to publicly practice what I preach. I took time off work last week to get a…

  • Time for a stocktake

    Today is the start of Ramadan which many of us non-Muslims will recognise as the time of fasting that leads…

  • Are you busy?

    “How’s things?” “Busy as usual!”. “Are you busy?” “It’s crazy at the moment”. “Busy” “Yes, my diary’s back to back”.…


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