All things must change and I’m in the middle of transforming this site to reflect the new, A New View. This will take a little time so please be patient.

I coach female leaders and entrepreneurs who are too busy trying to do it all, with competing demands at work and home and focusing on everyone but themselves.  

They feel like they are constantly battling, fear they are not good enough and worry they are going to be caught out. They are always busy and never have enough time to do what they need.

With compassion, honesty and a sprinkling of humour, I support them to take back control and step into being a high value leader who is competent and confident, by focusing on the things that really make a difference to create a high-quality life. 

My logo is based on a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol called Nkonsonkonson and is part of my cultural heritage. The symbol represents a chain, and most importantly shows strength in unity and interdependence on one another.

I believe that individuals within any community (work or social) are responsible to each other and therefore recognising this binds communities together. The symbol portrays my values of unity, responsibility, and interdependence.

Above all, I’m all about supporting and developing individuals and teams, to be stronger, more effective and happier.

After years of working at a senior level within the NHS, I began to recognise patterns in my behaviour that were keeping me stuck, stressed and miserable. While as a coach I saw the same patterns in the women I worked with.

I’ve been on quite a journey to get to a place where I’m happy, confident and successful. Because of this I am now using my experience, skills and learning to support other female leaders to do the same.


Quite simply, I care.

I want to help you to be the best version of you and I know I have a way to make this work, for you.




What will you learn?

Ways to improve your quality, efficiency and effectiveness

How to overcome negative self talk (Imposter syndrome)

How to recognise and achieve your aspirations

How to succeed while staying true to yourself

How to manage your time to reduce stress and maximise impact

How to become confidently competent

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