The last few years have been tough for organisations and companies and, unfortunately, it’s certainly not getting any easier.

We will help you to bring A New View to the challenges you face, giving you efficient, effective and economical solutions.

With specialist knowledge gained from working in the health sector, A New View will work with you to analyse your organisational and individual needs and to develop and expertly implement effective solutions.

Our logo is based on a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol called Nkonsonkonson and is part of the cultural heritage of A New View’s director.  The symbol represents a chain, and shows strength in unity and interdependence on one another.

We believe that individuals within any community (work or social) are responsible to each other and recognising this binds communities together. The symbol portrays the organisational values of unity, responsibility, and interdependence.

Because we have a background in working within the NHS, we know that individual organisational systems don’t operate in a bubble.  Small changes in departments and organisations can have significant impacts across the entire health and social care economy. Our director’s wide range of organisational and situational experience puts us in a unique position to anticipate how other systems will be affected – helping to avoid the law of unintended consequences.

You know that moment when everything comes together and you suddenly realise that there might be a great way to deal with the issue at hand? It’s called synergy and that’s something we’re used to at A New View; the bringing together of lots of ideas and thoughts to create something that is greater than the sum of all the individual parts. It’s how we make things happen and develop creative but practical answers to the challenges your organisation faces.

Have you used management consultants before, but ended up left with a big bill, pretty report and not much else?

At A New View we’ve worked within the public sector and alongside management consultants who’ve taken that approach; when each piece of work identifies another gap that the consultant would be willing to fill, or when you think that what you’ve had is useful, but you’re not sure what to do next or how you’re going to use it.

We understand how frustrating that is and take a different approach. When working with you we’re as flexible as possible, working as part of your team, to ensure that you get the outcomes you need.

We don’t believe in keeping our knowledge to ourselves so that you are dependent on us; when working with you, we’ll pass on our skills so that you get lasting value from our relationship.

Whether you need assistance filling a capacity gap for a period of time, a fresh pair of eyes on a challenging issue, ongoing ‘call-off’ type support across a number of areas or intensive skills and knowledge development support, A New View can help.

Our ideal outcome? At the end of a contract you want to continue working with us – even though the project is complete.




What will you learn?

Ways to improve your quality, efficiency and effectiveness and to ensure that patient/customer service is great

How to understand what motivates your customer and how you can address their needs

Building and developing teams to meet organisational objectives

Extensive and successful NHS experience acquired from a wide range of organisations

Access to specialists from a diverse range of NHS, other public sector and private sector backgrounds

An honest approach and the desire and skill to help you succeed

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